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Maritime Financial Coaching



I’ll help you discover Financial PEACE

and the JOY of living Debt Free!


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Are you are a professional or business owner who works hard and wants to enjoy the prestige and peace of financial freedom...

...but are struggling?


You have debt and are not where you want to be financially.


You lack financial literacy or simply the time to focus on your financial life.


You wonder if you are saving enough for retirement.


Along with your financial insecurity come feelings of shame, fear, anxiety, perhaps even marital discord.


Deep down you know you are called to be a good steward, and drowning in debt is not how God wants you to live. 

You deserve better!

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My name is Doug Laroche, and I am a Financial Coach certified by the National Financial Education Council and 
Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training.


I understand, first hand, the overwhelming feeling of not making progress with your finances.  It's discouraging when you've invested so much into your education and working your tail off, but building wealth evades you.




I've been in your shoes, and have paid off over half a million dollars in debt while raising and educating our 4 children.  During that time my wife and I learned to live debt free and build lasting wealth.

3 Steps to Financial Wellness


Set up a FREE introductory call to share your situation, ask any questions and see if we'd be a good fit.


If together we decide to move forward, we will establish goals and create a customized plan for your unique situation .


Execute your plan. I will guide and educate you along the way and be your accountability partner. You will not be in this alone.

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Ritesh A.

“Doug played a pivotal role in guiding me through the process of achieving freedom from debt. Taking his advice to heart, I meticulously followed a well-structured plan he advised ... culminating in the complete repayment of my house last year. The positive impact of this achievement on our lives has been truly remarkable.”

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew B.

“The topic of finances wasn’t only the elephant in our living room, it was the monster in our closet. Doug’s strategies, support and guidance have helped us to discuss our finances together, follow a monthly budget, and set financial goals. We’re so grateful for Doug’s expertise in helping us to address our financial anxiety and greatly improve our relationship and quality of life!”

Eileen N.

“It’s easy to “think” you know where money is going, but Doug showed us how to track it. He really sheds light on bad spending habits and gives you a new perspective. He then shows you how to better align your spending and savings”

Imagine if you could...

...enjoy the freedom and peace of living a debt free life!


...finally get your financial house in order!


...experience joy and the feeling of abundance! generously!

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The time is NOW to take control of your finances!


Why start today instead of holding off for a few months to enroll?


Starting now will allow you to:


  • save THOUSANDS of dollars in interest by paying off your debts early


  • begin SAVING in order to mitigate risk and reduce the impact of an emergency


  • INVEST for your future self. Build lasting wealth for your family and impact generations to come


  • do the one thing today that will bring you towards the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF and the life you’ve always dreamed of


Note: With regards to finance, time is a double edged sword. If you act early and consistently, time is an amazing ally.  If action is delayed, time can be an enemy with lost opportunity and increased debt.
You’ll wish you had started today.
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The biggest doubt: “Sure, but will this really work for me?”

This program IS for you if:

  • You are currently employed and have income.

  • Perhaps you are in debt, are not disciplined with budgeting, or realize that you should be doing better financially by this point in your life.

  • You have a strong desire to save and invest for your future.

  • You are sick and tired of being broke at the end of each month.


This program IS NOT best suited for you if:

  • You are a full time student and have not yet graduated.

  • You are currently unemployed.

  • You are not highly motivated to make the necessary sacrifices.

  • You lack a strong desire to create wealth.

  • You are satisfied with scarcity and doing without.


You’ve got two choices…

You can do this on your own (ummm…how has that been working out for you?) by searching the web, listening to YouTube and Instagram videos, reading books, asking your broke friends for advice, penny pinching at every turn


You can follow my PROVEN budgeting system, tame your spending by planning in advance and work with a knowledgeable coach who will motivate and guide you while you redirect your efforts towards building future wealth!

 Consider where you want to be 6 months from now… even ONE month from now!


Do you have a fail-proof, step-by-step plan on how to get there?

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Some frequently asked questions..

You can do this!

Invest in yourself today and your future self will thank you!

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